1. Shipping your purchases from the USA to Saudi Arabia at a very low shipping rate of only SR 20 per pound (Dimensional Weight). This is the lowest shipping rate for express shipments without the need to combine packages.
  2. Our service is offered to you free of import duties and other administration charges.
  3. There is no need to establish U.S address.
  4. All shipments are insured free of charge (Please see website terms and conditions)
  5. We guarantee full refund of product + shipping cost of any item not received by you.
  6. We offer the fastest express shipping from USA to Saudi Arabia.
  7. With us, there is no language barrier if you want to shop online with our fluent Arabic speaking customer service staff and easy Arabic language ordering system.
It usually takes 7-9 business days shipments to arrive excluding weekends and official holidays in both the USA and Saudi Arabia.
Dear customer, we currently offer only mini-fast shipping service. We ship only products with dimensional weight of 10 pounds or less. The service is currently directed only for customers who want to order low weight items at very competitive shipping rate and fast shipping service.
All our orders are purchased through our representative in the U.S (FABOM LLC) based in the state of Maryland where 6 percent sales tax is applies to all purchases.
Prime eligible items are shipped mostly same day ordered and delivered within 1-3 days whereas other non-prime eligible products are not fulfilled by amazon and arrival of the products might take 1-3 weeks. Some of the products are actually shipped from overseas countries like china.
Our website technically has an application programming interface with amazon where we can retrieve pricing, weight and other product information. This enable us to immediately issue an invoice for the orders placed by our customers. Other websites will be added as we finalize having a link to their product details.
If the shipment is opened by customs authorities, we will check the contents after its arrival in our main warehouse in Riyadh and make sure to replace the damaged outer carton of the shipment.
Yes, we have warehouse in the United States of America, as well as representative office. Our exclusive agent in the U.S is FASBOM LLC.
We do not redirect the shipments outside Riyadh city. However, the administration allows the customer to authorize anyone who wishes to receive the shipment on his/her behalf as a friend, or a relative by providing his/her representative with both the order number, and a verification number which is sent to your mobile after the shipment arrives in the delivery office.
Yes, you can coordinate with any person to receive on your behalf, where the requested is (the order number and verification number which sent to your mobile when the shipment arrives, and your mobile number)